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Inspection Reports

The School Inspection Service (SIS) carried out an inspection in March 2015 and reported that ‘Parents are overwhelmingly satisfied with the efficiency of the school, its teaching and welfare and its approachability and responsiveness’.

Some other statements included in the March 2015 SIS Inspection Report are detailed below:

SIS Inspection Report

March 2015


‘Leadership and management have a clear vision for the direction and ethos of the school, which is understood and shared by all staff, who show confidence in their leadership’.

‘Literacy and numeracy are consistently planned and are afforded high priority from the beginning of EYFS’.

‘The quality of teaching is good overall and is particularly strong in literacy, numeracy and the expressive arts’.

‘In an exciting mathematics lesson the teacher challenged pupils to extend and apply their already strong existing knowledge and understanding in new and experimental ways’.

‘(Pupils) show a secure grasp of grammar and punctuation, and regular comprehension exercises help them to develop the skills to answer questions accurately.  Pupils are highly articulate and listen intently’.

‘The staff of the EYFS make sure that all the children feel secure, safe and eager to learn.  The children show trust and confidence in their key workers and teachers’.

‘Pupils’ behaviour is good and they relate harmoniously to one another showing consideration and care in their everyday relationships’.

‘The curriculum is well extended by a varied range of extra-curricular clubs designed to support the pupils’ learning’.

‘Well-targeted support helps pupils for whom English is an additional language to access the curriculum and make progress’.