Clifton Lodge Debating Club

Final Club Session of the Term

On Tuesday, we held the final debating club for the term. We are so proud of the pupils and how they have developed their debating skills over the course of the club. Their personal 1-2-1 devices have been integral to their research when planning each topic to debate.
We debated everything from, ‘What one essential item to save from a shipwreck on a deserted island’, to ‘Whether electric cars are a good idea’, to political debates such as ‘Whether UK and US troops should be in Afghanistan’. We also looked at how MPs in the Houses of Parliament carry out debates.
The pupils are now able to confidently research in depth about topics as diverse as, ‘Should plastic bags be banned?’, ‘Will the development of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) help humanity?’ and on a lighter note, ‘Do Disney films provide bad role models for children?’
Well done to everyone involved in the Club.

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