Virtually Open...

While our physical doors are currently closed, we are very much open to continue the education of all our students.

Early Years

Limited Nursery & Reception places available for September

Early Years

Limited Nursery & Reception places available for September

Early Years are based in a new, light and airy building with a dedicated playground full of stimulating and exciting equipment to safely explore. Our pupils’ early development is tracked and regularly reviewed, to ensure they reach their full potential and gain an insight into education before moving into our Year 1 class.





3-4 years

Children join from the age of 3, with dedicated, caring staff in a homely classroom.  The small class size enables individual and personalised learning. Work is clearly differentiated with each child taught at the appropriate level for their ability.  Pupils are introduced to learning through English, Mathematics and topic work with a strong focus on reading. Children also start French lessons, introducing the language with songs and activities. There is also plenty of play and activities to ensure that all our children thrive.

Reception Class

4-5 years

Our children in Nursery move up leaving just a few spaces each year for new pupils to join.  This welcoming and stimulating class builds on the previous year’s development.  Pupils advance their English and Mathematics work with more topic work and daily individual reading aloud.  They also continue learning French. Our expectations are high and children often attain levels of achievement beyond what is normally expected at this age.  Our pupils enjoy the challenges and are encouraged to try their best, building confidence and an early love of learning.


All our pupils, from Nursery upwards are taught computing by our specialist teacher.


Nursery and Reception pupils enjoy sport with our specialist sports teacher twice a week in the safety of our main playground.  Skills and team games are taught, providing exercise, fun and much laughter.


Pupils in Nursery and Reception enjoy a Music lesson taught by our specialist teacher every week. The youngest children learn to engage with music through song, movement and sensory activities. As their skills develop, they learn about the musical elements and how they can be combined.

There are also visiting peripatetic teachers to individually teach piano, violin and guitar.


Afternoons in Early Years are often focused on art, with imaginative and fun activities to develop creative flair.

Trips, Visits & Extra-Curricular

Reception pupils enjoy a school trip each term, our trips are carefully planned with accompanying workshops and classroom topics.  Nursery and Reception pupils take part in outdoor learning in the nearby park.

Pupils can take part in Ballet Lessons with our Ballet Teacher who visits the school each Wednesday.

After school care is available each day until 6pm.



Current Parent

Parent Survey

When we visited the school all of the children looked happy, were polite and well behaved.  Teachers seemed engaged with each individual pupil.

Current Parent

Parent Survey

It is a very friendly school with happy polite and confident children. The teaching methods are such that the children love learning and want to go to school.

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