Virtually Open...

While our physical doors are currently closed, we are very much open to continue the education of all our students.

Year 1

Year 1

It is thrilling to see the progression our girls and boys make at every stage and this is exemplified in Year 1.  The class is part of the early years building and children are already used to the environment and staff.


The curriculum builds on the excellent foundations gained in Reception but then steps up a pace.  Our pupils are writing independently, reading daily and their Mathematics are advancing. Pupils’ progress is tracked and regularly reviewed, to ensure they reach their full academic potential.


Children also take part in the following activities:


All our pupils are taught computing by our specialist teacher.


Sport with our enthusiastic sports teacher is held twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) in the safety of our main playground.  Skills and team games are taught, providing exercise, fun and much laughter.


Music is taught by our Music teacher every week, involving singing, tin whistles and often practising for one of our productions.  There are also visiting peripatetic teachers to individually teach piano, violin and guitar.

Art / Show & Tell

Afternoons are often focussed on art, with imaginative and fun activities to develop creative flair and once a week we have ‘show and tell’ where children bring in something to stand up and talk about to the class.  This builds confidence and helps with early presentation skills needed later in school life.

Trips & Visits

All pupils enjoy a school trip every term.  With a wealth of museums, theatres and locations to visit, our trips are carefully planned with accompanying workshops and classroom topics.

SIS Inspection Report

March 2015

The quality of teaching is good overall and is particularly strong in literacy, numeracy and the expressive arts.

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