Back To School

For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

Additional Support

Our whole school community is incredibly important to us and we're here to support you in any way we can

Additional Support

Our whole school community is incredibly important to us and we're here to support you in any way we can

Please be assured that staff are contactable each day during our term times and are available to support pupils through their Online Teaching and Learning Programme.

Contacting staff

Staff will feedback on work in a timely manner (depending on the length of work submitted). When not teaching a lesson, staff will be available on the VLE blogs for children and on email for parents for the duration of the normal school day (8.15am – 4.30pm). Staff will not be expected to respond to emails or blogs outside of school working hours.

Some of our teaching staff are also covering the Key Worker childcare provision. When they are on duty, they will be unable to appear on Live Chat and so children in their classes will have to access all their materials for the lessons on the VLE. Teachers will inform children on the VLE when they will be unavailable due to carrying out this duty.

Please do contact your child’s Form Teacher if you have any general queries including academic and/or wellbeing in the first instance. Form tutors will be making fortnightly calls to check in with parents and pupils. Please be aware that since they will be calling from their personal mobile phones, their numbers will be coming up as ‘No Caller ID’, so please do pick up.

If there is an issue relating to the work itself, please contact the relevant subject teacher in the first instance.

General enquiries

If you have general questions regarding our academic provision, pastoral provision or safeguarding please direct these to Mrs Hickmott at

The Head, Mrs Friel, can be contacted by email at

Please feel free to contact any other member of staff as you would normally do for all other school matters.

Support with Technical Issues

While the school buildings are closed, our learning continues remotely and online. It is important that your hardware and software at home, whoever they belong to, work smoothly in support of your child’s learning.

We are offering a technical support service to help address any issues relating to online learning that may arise for your family. To access our technical support, you can contact us on:

This goes through directly to our team of IT experts. We will then follow up with you through whichever communication channel you prefer, including by phone, to resolve the issue. You may email us at any time and our staff will follow up during business hours, Monday-Friday.

Getting the Most From Online Learning

We will release regular resources for parents to help you navigate the new world of online learning programmes for your child. We will update you regularly on new content, including parent webinars. The first of these will be the week after the Easter holidays and will be about preparing your child for learning in the Summer term.

Be Well Tips and Advice for Families

Our focus on wellbeing has never been more important. We are supporting our families and our people in managing the impact of coronavirus with new focused content in the area of wellbeing. These include a range of ‘Cognita Be Well Tips’ on dealing with school closures and talking to your child about coronavirus. More on these and other resources can be found on the Cognita website.

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