Back To School

For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

Technology Platforms

Find out about the technology platforms we will use to support our Online Teaching and Learning programme and how to access them

Technology Platforms

Find out about the technology platforms we will use to support our Online Teaching and Learning programme and how to access them

Our staff will deliver our Online Teaching and Learning Programme using the following technology platforms:

We will be using this for asynchronous learning, content, tasks and blogs.

We will use this via a link in the VLE for synchronous learning, registration and Form time.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, resources and apps together in one place creating a vibrant learning environment.

How will it work?

Pupils will be able to download the work and then either print it out, complete it on a computer or in their books. Work that has been printed out can be sent back to teachers by uploading a scanned image or photograph of it and sending via the Task on the VLE or emailing the teacher directly.

Why is it perfect for our families?

  • Face to face contact – pupils and teachers still have face to face contact which is so important in making sure wellbeing, as well as academics, are monitored. At a time where so much change is happening, our teachers want to be there to support pupils and face to face contact makes this easier to do.
  • Virtual classroom – keeping a lesson routine is vital for our families’ wellbeing: structure will help pupils feel less overwhelmed with change and will also help parents know how to manage their time and energy.
  • Easily accessible – access from phone or desktop with easy to use, intuitive software.

How will we access it?

We hope that these arrangements will help to take some of the pressure off parents, as we encourage pupils to develop their independent learning and feel more connected with their teachers. Details of how to access the VLE have previously been sent to parents. Please see attachments for further instruction on accessing the Microsoft Teams Live Chat link from the VLE and a ‘How to’ for Tasks on the VLE.

Watch the introduction video here


If you are struggling to access either platform please contact Mrs Taylor at:

Screen time

This is clearly an unusual situation for everyone, where there is a greater reliance on digital devices than normal. We recommend that pupils try to spend no longer than three hours on a device each day. Teaching staff will work together to ensure that the work set is balanced across a mixture of mediums. If you feel your child’s screen time is exceeding what is reasonable, please do contact their Form Tutor so that they can help to coordinate communication between teaching staff. Regular breaks, within the maximum recommended screen time, are crucial.


Pupils are expected to attend registration each morning at 8.45am sharp. Their Form Tutors will make a note of their attendance which will be sent through to the school office for our records. While the school is physically closed, it is still ‘virtually’ open and education is being provided therefore attendance is a requirement during the period of online education. If a pupil is unwell and unable to attend registration or lessons that day please email your child’s Form Tutor and the school absence mail address:

020 8579 3662