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School Life

Clifton Lodge is a happy, thriving community with a continuous calendar of activities and events. Find out more here.

At Clifton Lodge School all teachers and non-teaching staff are dedicated to providing not only an excellent education but an extensive, wide-ranging school experience for your children. For our staff, it is imperative that children not only learn during their time at Clifton Lodge but also build self-confidence and resilience whilst enjoying their time here.

To ensure we provide the perfect platform for success, everything we do is to help pupils feel happy and secure in their surroundings.

You can find out more about school life at Clifton Lodge booking a visit to our school or requesting a prospectus today.

School Calendar

Each term there is a packed calendar of events and activities for pupils and parents.

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Term Dates

Look ahead to the school term dates and holidays for the current and next academic year.

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Uniform and Equipment

Our school uniform is an important part of our identity and our pupils wear it with pride.

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Extra Curricular School Clubs

Our children enjoy a wide range of activities at school. These combine to support their academic studies and can help to build a life-long interest or hobby.

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Additional Music/Drama & Ballet

Our outstanding team of visiting Peripatetic Teachers offer a range of music lessons on an individual basis and LAMDA speech & drama in small groups.

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Our children enjoy delicious and wholesome lunches which are freshly cooked on the premises everyday.

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Students at Earling Independent School, Clifton Lodge

Latest News

Celebrating our pupils’ successes together with the many other exciting activities happening all year round.

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Each fortnight we share with parents our school newsletter which includes recent events, trips and activities together with our pupils’ successes.

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After School Care

After the school day is over we provide a cosy, happy environment with familiar surroundings and carers.

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Holiday Club

We offer active, safe and enjoyable holiday care in familiar surroundings available on a flexible basis to support parents.

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