Science Trip to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Shell 'Make the Future Live' Exhibition

Year 5 visited the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to see the ‘Shell, Make the Future Live’ exhibition. There were lots of activities based around renewable energy sources for the pupils to get involved in.  
 The first activity they took part in was building a platform for solar panels from lolly sticks, a balloon, cardboard, pipe cleaners and sellotape. They had just five minutes and Lily was able to make a platform that floated on the water and could hold lots of solar panels . The children also built cars powered by salt water. Each car had a fuel cell that had a metal plate. When the salt water came into contact with the metal, electricity was generated which powered the car. After the cars were built, the children raced them. In addition, there was a Science show on fire. It was a wonderful day out, with a strong focus on Science.
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