Year 2 – Ancient Egyptian Day

Year 2 - Portal back to Ancient Egypt

As a part of our History unit on Ancient Egypt, on Monday the 9th of November, Year 2 had a visit from some Ancient Egyptians. Students absorbed themselves in a fun and interactive workshop which concluded their learning in school on the fascinating and enigmatic world of the Ancient Egyptians.

They learnt how the Egyptians measured in Royal cubits and fingers along with what happens following the death of a mighty Pharaoh, including tomb building, the mummification process, burial ceremonies and finally the crowning of the new Pharaoh.

Pupil Quotes:

“I loved the costumes”. Alex

“I loved the activities and learning about Tutankhamun and all of Ancient Egypt”. Xander

“My favourite part was the burial ceremony and putting the mummy in the coffin”. Noah

“I loved everything about Ancient Egypt”. Sota

“I learnt that mummies are very old and I loved all the scary stuff like the mummification process”- Keita

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