Year 3 Ancient Greek Day

Workshop on Ancient Greeks

Year 3 had a wonderful Ancient Greek Day at school on Monday, to conclude their learning in school on the fascinating and enigmatic world of the Ancient Greeks.
The children absorbed themselves in a fun and interactive all-day workshop and engaged in different activities including:-
•solving Archimedes’ Stomachion – the oldest known mathematical puzzle
•playing Petteia, a Greek strategy game
•re-enacting Greek myths and legends
•taking a closer look at the weapons and armour of a ‘Hoplite Soldier’.
•acting out democracy, and finally competing in a mini – Olympic Games
Everyone had lots of fun and at the same time, the children extended their already extensive knowledge of the Ancient Greeks.
Here are some quotes:
Chloe “ It was so much fun because we did a little quiz and it tested my knowledge”
Eleeza “ It was great to see all the real life armour of a Hoplite solider, especially the 3m Doru”
Donya “ I loved dressing up in the Greek costumes”
Jay “My favourite part of the day was learning about the armour and seeing all the different arrows that were used”
Xander, Alex and Dylan all said “ They loved the pretend Olympic games we did between Athens and Sparta”

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