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Leavers' Results and Destinations

We support each parent in the process of selecting the right senior school for their child.

We are very experienced in the process of choosing suitable senior schools for each pupil and are aware that every child has specific abilities, individual talents and requirements.  Our Headmaster not only knows our pupils well but also has connections with each senior school, understanding their ethos and entrance conditions to assist parents with this sometimes daunting task.

We prepare our pupils for senior school entrance examinations at the ages of 13+ and 11+. Historically the most popular schools for boys leaving Clifton Lodge have been Merchant Taylors’ School, City of London Boys’ School, Hamptons, The John Lyon School and St Benedict’s. Whilst most of these schools set their own entrance examinations, taken in the January of Year 8, the syllabus is the same as that for Common Entrance Examinations, taken in the June of Year 8.

Every year a number of boys sit either Common Entrance or Common Academic Scholarship examinations for a variety of other schools.

Girls will usually take 11+ examinations for senior schools in Year 6.  However, we regularly benefit from girls remaining at Clifton Lodge in Years 7 & 8 and assist in securing excellent senior school places for them at 13+.

The following link will provide more information about 13+ Common Entrance:

Common Entrance Examinations  http://www.iseb.co.uk/



Please see below our senior school offers for 2015/2017.  This gives an indication of the range of schools our pupils follow on to:

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School Offer Scholarships Awards
St Paul’s Pre Test 1 offer
Westminster Under School 1 offer
Harrow School 1 offer
Merchant Taylor’s School 4 offers 1 Academic 2 Academic
Stonyhurst College 1 offer 1 Academic
City of London Boys 1 offer
Hampton 5 offers 1 Academic
John Lyon School 22 offers 1 Sport, 1 Academic, 1 Music
Shiplake College 1 offer
St. Augustine’s Priory 6 offers 1 Academic
NHEHS 4 offers
Godolphin & Latymer 1 offer
St. Helen’s 1 offer
Royal Masonic School for  Girls 1 offer
Northwood College 1 offer
Queens College 1 offer
St. Benedict’s School 9 offers 1 Music
Hurst Lodge 1 offer 1 Music
St. James’s School 8 offers 1 Academic  1 Headmaster Award
Radnor House School 4 offers
King Edwards 1 offer
North Bridge House School 1 offer
Long Close School 1 offer 1 Sport
The Lady Eleanor Holles School 1 offer
RGS High Wycombe 1 offer
Dr. Challoners 1 offer
Tiffin Grammar 3 offers
Queen Elizabeth’s Boys Grammar 1 offer
Herschel Grammar 2 offers
Upton Court Grammar 3 offers
Clifton Lodge Internal Scholarship 7 Academic


SIS Inspection Report

March 2015

The great majority of pupils gain admission to their preferred secondary schools and leave thoroughly prepared for the next stage of their education.