Years 1 & 2

Years 1 & 2

Key Stage 1 is an important bridge in a child’s development as they are putting into practice all the skills and foundational knowledge that they have gained in EYFS and building upon them. Years 1 and 2 are situated in large bright rooms on the upper ground floor which incorporates them into the more formal learning atmosphere in the main building whilst also retaining the space required for children of this age.

School day timings: 8.30am-3.45pm (entry from 8am each morning, after school care until 6pm).


Years 1 and 2 signal the beginning of National Curriculum expectations and standardised testing to enable progress tracking. The curriculum is taught in separate subjects while children gain confidence and independence in their learning and abilities. Phonics and reading continue to be essential with most children finishing the phonics scheme by the end of Year 2. Maths and English are key and form the beginning of each day’s timetable. The Core Knowledge Curriculum for Science, Music, Visual Arts, History and Geography is introduced in this Key Stage and continues throughout the school. Other subjects taught by the class teacher include Computing, Drama, Religious Studies, Reasoning and PSHE.


Specialist teaching increases in Key Stage 1, as outlined below:


Having grasped basics in French in EYFS, children in Key Stage 1 will progress to learn topic vocabulary and increase their confidence in spoken French through repetition, games and songs. Written work is limited at this stage as oral comprehension and an accurate accent are more important to ensure understanding moving forward.


Sport is taught once a week in the safety of our main playground by specially trained coaches from Ealing Trailfinders. Skills and team games are taught which build upon and extend those gained in EYFS. The sporting highlight of the year is the School Sports Day held in June which everyone takes part in to represent their House.

Every Friday afternoon Years 1 and 2 go swimming at Gurnell Pool. They are assessed in their first lesson of the academic year and placed in ability groups taught by Swimming Teachers at Gurnell. Assessments are carried out at the end of each term culminating in a final one at the end of the year after which children will receive Swimming badges and certificates.


Years 1 and 2 are taught Music once a week by the Music teacher and this involves learning about rhythm, playing with sound, using their voice, responding to music and playing percussion and the tin whistle. Alongside these aspects of Music they will be learning how to look out for these musical elements in famous works whilst also familiarising themselves with key composers. Once a week there is a Key Stage 1 choir lesson which every child in Years 1 and 2 takes part in, this is lead by Mrs Friel our Head.

There is also a visiting peripatetic teacher to individually teach piano.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is taught by the Art teacher once a week. Children will learn about the elements of Art such as colour, line, shape and texture alongside types of Art, studying well known pieces and gaining familiarity with famous artists. They will have the opportunity to put this learning into practise in each unit either in 2D or 3D form.


Years 1 and 2 have Science once a week with the Science teacher in the specially equipped lab (Year 1 in the classroom until January and the lab after that). The Core Knowledge Curriculum in Years 1 and 2 covers topics such as the Human Body, Living Things and their Environment, Magnetism, Properties of Matter and Astronomy. Lessons are a mixture of theory and practical experiments which bring learning to life.

Trips & Extra Curricular Clubs

Key Stage 1 have the opportunity to take a day trip each term. With a wealth of museums, theatres and locations to visit, our trips are carefully planned to support and extend classroom learning, often including tailored workshops.
There are 2 clubs a week run by the teachers in Key Stage 1 which parents may sign children up to. Ballet Lessons with our Ballet Teacher who visits the school each Wednesday are available at an extra cost. Clubs change each term and are run after school until 4.45pm.

After school care is available each day until 6pm.

SIS Inspection Report

March 2015

The quality of teaching is good overall and is particularly strong in literacy, numeracy and the expressive arts.

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