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While our physical doors are currently closed, we are very much open to continue the education of all our students.

After School Care

After School Care

We endeavour to provide as much flexibility as possible for our parents.  Pupils can be dropped off at school from 8am in term-time and there is after school care available until 6pm each day.

The 2018/2019 charges for after school care are as follows:

Until 4.30pm – £6 per day

Until 6pm – £12 per day

There is no charge for younger siblings to wait in after school care until 4.15pm when their older brother/sister finishes.  Siblings are charged, however, if their older brother/sister stays at school until 5.30pm for a club.

Parents are asked to bring in a snack for their child to have during after school care.

After school care can be booked by contacting the school office in person, by telephone or by email:


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Excellent after school club staff. Dedicated and passionate.

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